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Local Brit believes that it is frequently difficult for clients to make up their minds about which of the 100,000 solicitors registered in the UK are best placed to help them with their accident compensation claims. That is why we require all firms joining the Network to create video profiles by partners of the firm explaining exactly who they are and how they work. Moreover, all of the firms commit to speak or meet with you for free to discuss you case at no charge before you instruct them.

What are solicitors?

Solicitors are law graduates who have qualified to practice law in England and Wales. For most clients they are the first, and usually last, port of call for legal issues. Occasionally solicitors will brief barristers to appear for clients in court, but for the most part solicitors advise clients on most legal issues. There are more than 100,000 solicitors currently on the roll of solicitors.

How are Solicitors regulated?

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority was established by the Legal Services Act in 2007 to act as the official regulatory body for the U.K. legal profession. The SRA sets qualification standards for solicitors, administers the roll of solicitors, drafts the rules for professional conduct, hear reports of misconduct and penalises solicitors breaching the rules.


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How does no win no fee work? Who will pay for the solicitor fees?

Many people who contact us for help are unsure about the how the process of making a claim actually works, in particular what is meant by no-win, no-fee. Can you really be sure that you will not risk having to pay for the cost of your case?

One of the basic principles of English law is that the losing party covers the costs of the winning party's legal costs. Because the vast majority of personal injury claims succeed this means that solicitor's costs are not something you would usually need to worry about. read more

Road Accident Claims Work Accident Claims Whiplash claims Personal Injury Claims Making a Burn Injury Claim

Anybody that has suffered from a burn injury will know how painful it is. If you are one of the fortunate ones you may have escaped with minor scars. However if the burns are particularly extensive, this can lead to great distress for the individual. Serious burns can lead to permanent scarring, nerve damage, or even death. The traumatic experience can haunt the victim for the rest of their life. read more

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